The Ancient Seven Wonders Of The World


The 6th old wonder of the world!!!

The Colossus Of Rhodes is a giant statue made of bronze and ironwhich stood watchingover the great city. It measured up to 110 feet high and stood on a 50-foot-high stand. Inside were stone columns that helped the great statue up. At the time of Alexander the great, Rhodes became part of Alexander's empire. But when he died, the struggle over his kingdom extended to Rhodes as well. The result was a giant siege. The invaders tried to get in but could not so gave up and went home. The people of Rhodes were so happy that they didn't have to take orders from anybody else that they decided to build a giant statue of their favourite God, Helios, to celebrate their continued freedom. Historians believe that it was constructed in 304 B.C. and that it took 12 years to build the statue.